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19.08.2017 09:11

Uzbekistan’s population exceeds 32 million 340 thousand

According to preliminary information, as of 1 July this year, Uzbekistan’s population number 32 million 345 thousand. A statistical analysis shows that the country’s population are increasing by 450-500 thousand a year. In the 2016-2017 academic year, 478.4 thousand boys and girls graduated from vocational colleges.

This information was presented at a news conference held by the state committee for statistics at the national press centre.

At this news conference, officials of the committee told journalists about work on the introduction of modern information communication technologies into the sphere.

Today there are local computer networks at all the departments of the state committee for statistics. Computer programs have been introduced to process statistical information.

Officials of the committee said that the work in this area would be continued. Special attention will be paid to the rational use of modern information communication technologies to increase the effectiveness of this work.

Ulugbek Asrorov, UzA
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