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13.04.2019 19:40:21

Uzbekistan National News Agency's website launches Kazakh-language version for the first time

Uzbekistan National News Agency is the official state source of information, the leading news agency in the country.

UzA news are disseminated in 8 languages – Uzbek, Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.

In connection with the announcement in Uzbekistan of the Year of Kazakhstan, the National News Agency of the country has launched Kazakh-language version for the first time.

Now the Agency’s website provides an opportunity to transmit operational and objective information about news and transformations carried out in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The goal of the website is considered the most complete coverage of important socio-political events in the two countries, promotion of primordial closeness and further strengthening the bonds of friendship and harmony.

This web page will contribute to strengthening good-neighborly and fraternal relations, ensuring interests in all areas.