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13.07.2018 18:56

Uzbekistan readers’ interest to Abay’s creativity

The Committee on interethnic relations and friendly ties with foreign countries under the Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan has organized a creative evening “Abay Kunanbayev’s creativity is valuable for people of Uzbekistan”.

The Presidential Resolution “On broad study and propaganda of creative heritage of the great poet and thinker of Kazakhstan Abay Kunanbayev” of March 13, 2018 shows a deep respect for the people of Kazakhstan, its unique literature and culture.

At the creative evening, held within the framework of implementation of the resolution in cooperation with Uzbekistan Writers Union and Republican Kazakh National Cultural Center, it was noted that Abay’s boundless love for people, loyalty to the Motherland, which glorified him as a world poet, dedication and care to the fate of the country can serve as an example for all people.

The organization of such evenings plays an important role in development of cultural and humanitarian ties, familiarization of youth of the two countries with creativity of great literary figures.

At the evening, reports were heard on “The role of Abay’s creativity in development of Kazakh literature”, “Abay – a bright star of Kazakhstan people”. A documentary film about poet’s life and creativity “Abay – a bright star of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan people” was shown.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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