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Uzbekistan presents global cement market and industry

Uzbekistan presents global cement market and industry
Tashkent hosts the 17th Central Asian International Conference “Cement Industry and Market”.

The conference, organized by Uzsanoatqurilishmateriallari Association jointly with Russia’s Business Cem LLC, brings together cement industry experts from 16 countries, international experts and representatives of large companies.

Chairman of the Board of Uzsanoatqurilishmateriallari Association Botir Zaripov, Director General of Business Cem LLC Yevgeny Valyukov and others noted that attracting foreign investment, expanding existing opportunities and increasing production volumes are important for development of construction industry in the country, in particular the cement industry.

Uzbekistan’s cement production is developing at a new stage. If only four or five years ago four large cement plants were operating in the country, now their number has reached 18. This year 10 more projects will be implemented. It is planned to bring production capacities to 15 million tons. Another innovation is that this year, for the first time, Qizilqumcement JSC produces 600th grade cement.

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Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, UzA