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11.03.2018 20:47

Uzbekistan's enterprises produced industrial products for 28.3 trillion sum

According to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, in January-February 2018, enterprises of Uzbekistan produced industrial products for 28.3 trillion sum, the growth rate for the same period last year amounted to 111.7%.

The main factor in the growth of total industrial production was the growth of production in manufacturing by 8.4% (contribution to the growth of total industrial production by 6.5 points), mining and quarrying by 32.4% (contribution to the growth of 4.6 points), electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning by 4.9% (contribution to the growth of 0.4 points) and water supply, sewage and waste disposal by 28.3% (contribution the increase of 0.2 points).

The volume of manufactured products by manufacturing enterprises in January-February 2018 amounted to 20.8 trillion sum or 73.6% of the total industry.

At the same time, in this industry in comparison with the corresponding period last year increased the production of automobile engines by 51.5%, passenger cars (without specialized) by 42.6%, motor gasoline by 17.2%, cotton fiber by 1.0 %, and the production of trucks, buses, Portland cement, diesel, tobacco products and vegetable oil decreased compared to the corresponding period last year. 

As a result of the measures taken to expand the range and stimulate the production of finished products, the production of consumer goods amounted to 8,6 trillion sum and compared to January-February 2017 increased by 5.0%, the share in the total volume of industry was 30.5%.

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