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06.09.2017 22:11

Uzbekistan chefs want to set a Guinness World Record

Uzbek national traditions and customs will be presented at “O’zbegim” festival of traditional culture, which will be held on September 8 this year in Tashkent. Representatives of the Guinness World Records will attend the festival and observe the preparation of the national dish – pilaf. Presentation of “O’zbegim” book devoted to the ancient and unfading traditions of Uzbek people will be held within the framework of events.

This was reported at a press conference held at Hyatt Regency Tashkent hotel.

Director of “Milliy” TV channel H.Solikhov and others noted that the main goal of “O’zbegim” festival of traditional culture is not only careful preservation of national values and traditions of Uzbek people, but also introduction of our compatriots and the international community with this invaluable heritage.

The event, organized in the form of folk festival in cooperation with “Milliy” TV channel and a number of organizations, includes a number of events such as demonstration of national traditions, an exhibition of works of fine and applied art, national dishes, master classes, performances of rope walkers, folk games, a fashion show, concert programs.

– The main events of “O’zbegim” festival of traditional culture will be organized on Sayilgoh street of the capital, – says a press secretary of “Milliy” TV channel A.Ismoilov. – In addition, a number of events will be held at Hyatt Regency Tashkent hotel. Currently, an active preparation for the festival is being held. Participants will not be left indifferent by the decoration, combining national and modern design, workshops, fairs. We hope that preparation of up to 8 tons of pilaf in one kazan (cauldron), which is expected to become a world record, will make a huge impression on our compatriots and foreign guests.

Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, UzA
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