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10.05.2017 18:17

Trade unions - for veterans

Although 82 year-old Raisa Aliyeva had worked in the sphere of medicine for long years she had not even once thought of strengthening her health. When representatives of the Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan gave her a voucher for free treatment at a sanatorium, she said shyly: “Perhaps, you give it to someone else who needs health treatment more than I do.”

As part of the “Trade unions - for veterans” campaign, good work is being carried out in this country to improve the health of people of advanced age.

Invited to an event arranged as part of the “Trade unions - for veterans” social campaign were elders and veterans.

B.Muhammadaliyev, deputy chairman of the Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan, and others said that the state was giving constant attention to showing honour and respect for people of advanced age, protecting citizens’ labour rights and giving comprehensive support to elders.

It has become a good tradition to conduct the “Trade unions - for veterans” social campaign every year. This year, this campaign has been conducted on even a larger scale. As part of the campaign, large-scale work is being carried out to provide attention to lone veterans who worked for long years and who need help now. Material and moral support is being provided for them.

Trade unions are also arranging for elders living in various regions to visit holy places of worship and historical towns of this country.

“”I worked as a teacher for many years. All people of advanced age are very glad about good changes happening in our country and about practical work being carried out to create all the necessary conditions and to raise the living standards and quality of life for people,” says 76-year old Yofgoch Ruzimbetov from Qoraqalpoghiston, north-western Uzbekistan.

The event concluded with a concert by artistes. Gifts were given to elders.

Nazokat Usmonova, UzA
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