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01.06.2016 13:01:07

Trade unions for children

The Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan has held an event entitled “Trade unions for children” in the Mirzo Ulugbek park of our capital city on the occasion of International Day for Protection of Children.

Children from orphanages and special schools and children’s pre-school day care establishments as well as children of families with special needs and of low-income families were invited to the event.

The Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan is among pubic organizations making a worthy contribution to bringing up a generation that is healthy and well in every respect. For instance, children of needy families are being provided with stationery and textbooks through social agreements signed at enterprises, organizations and establishments. And children of workers and servicemen are spending their summer holidays in health camps, and they are being given practical help in mastering foreign languages. It is noteworthy that the volume of this kind of specific work has increased a lot under the Year of Maternal and Child Health state programme.

The event held in a beautiful garden started with a bicycle marathon entitled “Children’s Tour – Trade Unions”. Its participants were given presents. During the event, children from orphanages and those being treated at children’s social rehabilitation centre were given free passes to resorts facilities, and children of needy families were provided with books and tickets to parks.

As part of the event, the winners and runner-ups of a republican contest of children’s songs, poems and melodies, held in cooperation with the Trade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan and a number of organizations, were given prizes. Children’s poems, songs and melodies selected as best during the contest will be used in the summer season at all health facilities, schools and children’s day-care establishments.

Such events were arranged in the Republic of Qoraqalpog’iston and all the regions. Visits were arranged to museums, parks, beautiful places, squares and historical sites.