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They dream to get a profession

They dream to get a profession
A group of young people from a neighboring state, who expressed a desire to study, was solemnly met at the Education Center for Training Afghan Citizens under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, operating at Khairaton border and customs post in Termez district of Surkhandarya region.

In this education institution, which has been operating for three years, 96 young Afghans have studied in the Uzbek language and literature specialty during this period. They received bachelor’s degrees and are working in their homeland. Over twenty young people at the center are learning the secrets of professions in the railway industry.


Following the event, more than 160 young people who arrived in Uzbekistan with the dream of becoming a doctor, teacher of the Uzbek language and literature, became acquainted with conditions of training at the center.

Khokim of Surkhandarya region T. Bobolov addressed the event.



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Kholmumin Mamatrayimov, UzA