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21.08.2017 18:34

They defend the country’s airspace

They defend the country’s airspace In Uzbekistan, the third Sunday of August is celebrated as this country’s Air Fleet Day every year. And for people in uniform, this day is also the holiday of the specialists of the air force and air defence force. They defend the country’s airspace.

The great service of those serving in the country’s air force in the years of independence is that they not only have kept the existing military aircraft battle worthy and maintained the complex infrastructure of aerodromes and military command and control points but also they are successfully learning to use new types of air force assets, specifically new types of helicopters and aircraft.

The Jizzakh military college of flying was established thanks to the country’s independence. Its graduates successfully serve in various places of Uzbekistan. Today this college’s trainees have more than 200 flying hours each, which meets the highest standards.

On the occasion of this holiday, in accordance with orders of the defence minister and the deputy defence minister and commander of the air force and air defence force, awards were given to a group of military servicemen of the armed forces. Commemorative badges were given to a group of veterans of the armed forces for their active participation in the patriotic upbringing of young people.

“It is good to know that our knowledge and experience are still required,” says retired lieutenant colonel Hikmat Nasriddinov.

A holiday concert was performed by artistes of the central song and dance ensemble of the armed forces and well-known artistes of performing arts.

Ablay Kamalov, photo by Temur Mamadaminov, UzA
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