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02.02.2017 19:16

The “Yurt kelajagi” (the country’s future) team is the winner

The “Yurt kelajagi” (the country’s future) team is the winner The Qoraqalpoghiston stage of the “The neighbourhood in my destiny” contest has taken place in Nukus.

In the contest arranged by the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation and partner organizations on the slogan “Dear neighbourhood, you are the cradle of values”, 15 teams which had won in the town and district stages of the contest participated.

Z.Zoitov, deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston; B.Yunusov, chief of the “Mahalla ziyosi” educational centre at the Mahalla public charity foundation; and others said that consistent reforms being implemented in the country towards further improving the work of neighbourhoods and broadening their remit and participation in public life were giving weighty results.

376 boys and girls in 94 teams participated in the town and district stages of the contest, aimed at raising young people’s morality, educating them in the spirit of respect for national values, the rich cultural heritage and love for the Motherland, forming an understanding of the great historic significance of national sovereignty, devotion to ideas of independence and further strengthening the younger generation’s ideological immunity.

Participants answered questions about the history of their neighbourhood, the role of the neighbourhood institution in bringing up physically and morally healthy young people and stepping up “family-neighbourhood-educational establishment” cooperation. They also displayed their knowledge about norm-setting regulatory acts in this sphere and wrote essays on the subject of “The neighbourhood in my destiny”.

The “Yurt kelajagi” team of the Qirontov steppe village of Nukus District won first place. The “Oydin yol” team of the “Oydin yol” neighbourhood in the town of Nukus achieved second place, and the “Buston” team of the “Pakhtachi” neighbourhood of Ellikqala District took third place.

Aminboy Oqtiqboyev, photo by Maqsad Habibullayev, UzA
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