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04.07.2018 21:25

The tasks will be executed

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, at the meeting held on June 29 in Olmazor district with participation of khokims of the city of Tashkent and districts of the capital, responsible leaders, identified specific tasks on a number of current areas, as well as gave corresponding orders and instructions.

In connection with this, an event was held with participation of deputies of Olmazor district Council of people’s deputies, activists and workers of the district khokimiyat, makhalla aksakals, clergy representatives, heads of educational institutions, mass media, where an action plan on executing the tasks determined by the Head of the state was developed, working groups for studying the activities of makhallas were organized. They are faced with tasks of organizing a dialogue with residents, studying positive experiences, identifying existing problems.

The senators hold a direct dialogue with public on strengthening relations with the district Kengash of people’s deputies, further enhancing the political and legal knowledge of deputies, strengthen practical skills in carrying out deputy control.

Using the possibilities of the mass media, the opinions of aksakals of 58 makhallas on improvement of places of residence of the population, ways of solving problems and shortcomings in makhallas, broadening people’s views, strengthening the sense of belonging to today’s reforms, rational use of water, holding compact, without extra costs and pomposity weddings, family celebrations were widely covered in print media and on television.

Issues of implementing the program for rational use of existing opportunities, restoring activities of non-operating plants, enterprises, creating new ones, organizing new jobs through the development of entrepreneurship and services, attracting investments and technology, employment of 15 thousand people from the local population in 4 sectors are being discussed. The economic possibilities of Olmazor district have been also studied in detail, the study of unused reserves, in particular, the inventory of vacant buildings in the district, the reasons for their non-use are being investigated.

Detailed information is provided on the ecological situation in makhallas, maintenance of cleanliness in the territories and the state of the existing water systems. To eliminate the identified shortcomings, the responsible structures and the population are given necessary instructions, recommendations and proposals.

The issue of erecting a new center of Olmazor district – “Olmazor city” is also in the center of attention of representatives of the public.

In a word, the joint work of the general public, deputies, senators on ensuring the execution of tasks identified by the President of the country has begun in Olmazor district.

Tolibjon Madumarov,

Chairman of the Senate Commission of the Oliy Majlis
for promoting revitalization of activities
of representative authorities at places.

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