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06.07.2017 19:20

The most exemplary organization identified

The most exemplary organization identified In Nukus, the local phase of the “The most exemplary primary organization” branch contest has taken place. The contest was arranged by the Uzbekistan Trade Unions Federation.

This contest is directed towards increasing the intellectual and moral potential of the members of trade unions organizations and specifying their important place in dealing with topical issues. 36 primary organizations participated in the contest.

The work of the primary organizations of the trade unions of the agro-industrial complex, state departments and public services, enterprising producing consumer goods and services organizations and the education, science, culture and health care systems were recognized.

Special attention is paid to the creation of safe working conditions for employees and the observance of collective agreements at enterprises and establishments on labour protection and technical safety.

Among those recognized as the most exemplary primary organization is the trade union organization of the Qoraqalpoghiston amelioration expedition. Employees of this enterprise monitor groundwater levels, the composition of soil in areas under crops and soil salinity.

“Of the 404 employees, 57 are women and girls. In accordance with the collective agreement, measures are being taken to strengthen the social security of workers and to further improve their living conditions,” says Ghaybulla Yerejepov, chief of the trade union primary organization of the expedition.

Aminboy Ortiqboyev, photo by Maqsad Khabibullayev, UzA
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