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11.04.2018 08:23

The most exemplary council of leaders

The republican stage of "The most exemplary district (city) council of leaders" competition was held in Bukhara.

In the competition organized among councils of leaders of the district and city councils of “Kamalak” children's organization and the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, 14 teams competed for the victory in the assignments on "Our activities", "Our opportunities", "Intellectual ring".

Participants demonstrated the activity of council of leaders through theatrical performances. In addition, the teams made presentations of new projects with the help of visual aids developed on the basis of their activities for the next academic year. During the competition, participants also demonstrated their social, political, legal, spiritual and educational knowledge, as well as their awareness of the activities of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, “Kamalak” children's organization and the councils of leaders.

Bukhara region’s team from the city of Kagan “Eng, samiy, very” became the winner of the competition.

“Kelajak bunyodkorlari” team of Kattakurgan city in Samarkand region took the second place. The third place was taken by the team of “Ayden Kelechek” of Chimbay district in Karakalpakstan. Winners and most active participants were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.

Winning team, as well as winners of the second and third places will take part in the republican conference of “Kamalak” children’s organization, which will be held in May, 2018 in the children’s camp “Lochin” in Kashkadarya region.

Within the framework of the competition, interesting excursions were organized to Bahouddin Naqshband memorial complex, ancient Ark fortress, Labi-Hauz ensemble and other sites of Bukhara.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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