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08.12.2018 18:09

The glory of Fergana pomegranates grows

The glory of Fergana pomegranates grows
Fergana region is carrying out large-scale activity on developing cultivation of pomegranates, creating high-yielding and climate-appropriate varieties.

Scientific and practical school of pomegranate production takes its origins in Kuva, its experience was studied throughout Asia. Today, 470 farms of Kuva district are engaged in growing pomegranate on 1,800 hectares. Creation of new pomegranate plantations on 835 hectares has begun.

“Fargona anorchilik” LLC also implements a new project. More than 10 varieties of pomegranate are grown on 300 hectares of land of the agrofirm, specialized in cultivation, processing and export of finished products, as well as providing ecotourism services. This year more than 200 thousand pomegranate seedlings were prepared. From 2019, it is planned to organize the procurement and delivery of 10 million pomegranate seedlings to customers per year. Dozens of countries, including South Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Chile and Azerbaijan have shown great interest in studying the experience of Fergana pomegranate production. By 2025, it is planned to increase the area of pomegranate plantations to two thousand hectares.

M. Suleymanov, UzA
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