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15.08.2017 23:44

Tashkent is hosting three international exhibitions

Tashkent is hosting three international exhibitions The first international specialized exhibition “World of books”, the second international exhibition of goods and services for children and adolescents “World of childhood” and the sixth specialized exhibition “World of Sport” are being held in the national exhibition complex “Uzexpocenter”.

About 60 domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations, business entities in the sphere of production and services are taking part with their products and services, such as book products, food, clothes for children and adolescents, various gaming installations and toys, teaching aids, sports equipment, sportswear and sports nutrition.

In Uzbekistan, consistent work is carried out on improvement of a reading culture of youth, their interest in reading, publishing art, educational, scientific-popular, educational literature. The order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On creation of a commission for the development of the system of publishing and distribution of book products, raising and propagating the culture of reading” of January 12, 2017 is an important guide to action for further development of this sphere.

Tashkent is hosting three international exhibitions

The first international specialized exhibition “World of books” is aimed at acquainting the general public with innovative projects and innovations in the publishing sector, developing cooperation and exchanging experience between enterprises operating in the sphere and private business entities.

– Today, when high technologies have become a part of everyday life, increasing interest of youth in reading books is of current importance, – says Gayrat Bozorov, the head of department of Publishing and printing house “Ukituvchi”. –“Ukituvchi” publishing house is working on publishing and bringing to the public a highly artistic books serving the intellectual development, the best works of national and world literature.

Visitors of the exhibition became impressed with “Uzbook” mobile application, which contains audio versions of more than 800 art, educational, historical and scientific books in Uzbek, Russian and English. The application can be installed on all mobile systems. Books can be purchased making electronic payments, which provides ease of use.

– The audience of this application, which is created by mobile developers of our country and being distributed since June of this year, is further expanding, – says project manager Oybek Isayev. – The advantage of audiobooks is that they save time, can be listened to even when a person is busy with other work.

Particular attention is paid to further popularization of physical culture and sports among children and adolescents, establishment of a healthy lifestyle and creation of conditions for regular sports training. Construction of modern sports complexes, equipping them with necessary sports equipment is important in this.

In the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for further development of physical culture and mass sports” of June 3, 2017, tasks have been defined on strengthening the material and technical base of the sphere of physical culture and sports, construction of modern sports complexes, equipping them with modern sports equipment, development of private sector in this sphere.

Tashkent is hosting three international exhibitions

The VI specialized exhibition “World of sport” has become a convenient platform for the exchange of opinions and experience between the leading companies producing sports equipment, sportswear and nutrition, and new enterprises just starting such activities.

“Stekloplastik” LLC in Samarkand is one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment.

– More than 100 types of equipment are produced in our enterprise, – says Ilkhom Khalilov, director of “Stekloplastik” LLC. – In cooperation with the Children’s sports development fund of Uzbekistan, sports federations we are providing various sports schools and complexes with equipment. Our products are widely used in “Umid nihollari”, “Barkamol avlod” and the Universiade sports games. This year, we have started producing water polo gates, starting platforms and other new products for water sports. As a result, we are promoting the replacement of imports with domestic products. In the future, we are planning to export our products.

A young entrepreneur Sardor Rakhimov established production of equipment for children’s and sports grounds, training apparatus under the brand name “Turnik.uz”, which can be used both at home and in the air. The quality of products is not inferior to foreign analogues, and prices are available to a wide range of the population. There is a great demand among buyers for a compact training apparatus combining a horizontal and parallel bars.

– We want to establish close cooperation with sports federations, sports complexes, gyms, – says S. Rakhimov. – Our products take up little space and is designed for several types of exercises, so it can be installed both at home and on sports grounds.

The II international exhibition of goods and services for children and adolescents “World of childhood”, organized by “Uzexpocenter” jointly with “Expo Position” LLC, also aroused great interest among visitors.

– We are presenting folding furniture for children, strollers, play structures expanding horizons and developing intelligence in children, – says Vladimir Begishev, commercial director of “Nika” company (Russia). – Attention paid in Uzbekistan to strengthening international cooperation in business creates favorable conditions for our effective partnership.

“Polimer plastic” LLC, operating since 2010, is one of the successful domestic enterprises on production of children’s toys from local raw materials. Today the enterprise employs more than 50 people. The enterprise has already won the trust of buyers in the domestic market and is now planning to enter foreign markets.

– Our products fully meet the hygienic safety requirements, – says manager of the company Nodir Khoshimov. – Currently we are manufacturing more than 270 kinds of toys. Until the end of the year, we are planning to master the production of more than 20 new types of products.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, a concert of young performers, a fair-sale of goods, demonstration performances by young athletes were held.

Exhibitions will last until August 17.

Bayram Aytmuradov, photo by Okil Gulamov, UzA
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