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23.04.2019 21:57:29

Tashkent hosts workshop on eye surgery

Scientific practical workshop on reconstructive corneal surgery and complex operations of the eye lens, was significant in that it is aimed at further improving the professional potential of ophthalmology.

In the process of large-scale reforms in Uzbekistan’s healthcare system, special attention is paid to development of all areas of medicine, revival of domestic medical schools’ traditions, formed many years ago, their further development, expansion of cooperation with prestigious foreign research centers, higher education institutions, leading clinics, medical institutions.

Republican Specialized Center of Eye Microsurgery uses advanced methods of surgical treatment of cataracts, laser incision of front and back parts of the eye lens, ketaroplasty and amnioplasty in various pathologies of cornea and other surgical operations are being carried out.

Issues of application of advanced methods and technologies in conducting complex operations in eye diseases were discussed at the workshop, which was held with participation of Russian ophthalmologists-surgeons. Organization of such scientific practical workshops and master-classes is also planned in Bukhara Regional Ophthalmological Hospital.