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14.03.2019 11:22:52

Support for entrepreneurial ideas

Tashkent Financial Institute signed a Memorandum of cooperation with Yoshlar-kelajagimiz Fund at Uzbekistan Youth Union.

This will increase opportunities for development of knowledge and practical skills of youth of the institute in entrepreneurship. Yoshlar-kelajagimiz Fund will help to implement business initiatives, startups, students’ projects.

Within the framework of this cooperation agreement, youth will not only be able to develop entrepreneurial abilities, intellectual potential, but also directly engage in small business and private entrepreneurship.

At the event, future economists were given detailed information about the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the State Program “Yoshlar-kelajagimiz” of June 27, 2018, the order of organization of activities on a public-private basis in construction of “Yosh tadbirkorlar” co-working centers, “Yoshlar mehnat guzari” complexes.