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07.05.2018 21:21

Studying the experience of Germany

The Institute of Problems of Legislation and Parliamentary Studies under the Oliy Majlis, together with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation, held an international workshop on “Modern methods of law drafting”.

The workshop was attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber, representatives of ministries and departments, leading experts and specialists from Germany, as well as mass media workers.

The main goal of the seminar is a deep study of Germany’s experience on implementing modern methods and mechanisms in the process of lawmaking, developing proposals and recommendations on the use of its positive features in the process of lawmaking in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Following the seminar, proposals and recommendations on further improving the national legislative process and the use of Germany’s best practices in this field were developed on the basis of expressed opinions.

Inobat Akhatova, UzA
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