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05.05.2018 12:20

State securities – source of financing investment projects

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan organized a practical seminar “The market of state securities as a source of financing investment projects”.

The Ministry of Finance of the country plans to issue state securities, the funds raised from their sale will be used for socio-economic development of the country, as well as implementation of major investment projects. At the seminar, opinions were expressed about the work in this direction, as well as the role and benefits of issuing securities.

In 1996-2011, state securities worth 803.1 billion sums with an average annual value of 50 billion sums were issued in Uzbekistan. In 2011, issuance of state securities was suspended by the government’s decision and securities in circulation were redeemed.

At the event it was noted that issuing not only domestic state securities but also widely used bonds in the world practice is also being studied.

Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, UzA
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