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08.04.2017 11:26

Special job fairs being conducted for graduates in Farghona Region

Special job fairs being conducted for graduates in Farghona Region This year, more than 53 thousand boys and girls graduate from vocational colleges in Farghona Region. These days, large amounts of work is being done to find employment for them and to attract them to entrepreneurial activity.

Under the leadership of the President, special attention is being given to ensuring vocational college graduates’ employment, further strengthening cooperation between educational institutions and enterprises and helping young people find their way of independent living.

Gulirano Boqijonova is a graduate of Farghona medical college No2. She wants to make use of possibilities being created for entrepreneurs in this country and set up a bakery business, to provide jobs for her peers and make a contribution to the country’s development.

A new approach has been made to arranging job fairs in localities, and hopefully, these job fairs will help thousands of young people like Gulirano.

According to such job fairs’ procedure, graduates familiarize themselves with vacancies, projects’ technical and economic bases and mini technologies and display their professional skills on the first day. On the second day, their family conditions and interests are taken into account, and they come together with their parents. On the next day, they choose jobs suitable for them or draw up documents for starting their business.

Such a special job fair that took place at Farghona’s industrial college was attended by graduates of 7 vocational colleges in the town and employees of commercial banks.

Zuhriddin Husmatov, a specialist of the Farghona branch of the Qishloqqurilishbank joint-stock commercial bank, said that participants in the job fair were more interested in credits being allocated for poultry and stock raising and also grape plantations.

Such job fairs being held at 34 vocational colleges in the region make it possible for graduates to display knowledge that they acquired in their professional training, and for employers to select specialists.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, photo by Muqimjon Qodirov, UzA
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