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11.07.2018 22:51

Service sector contributes to an increase in national income

In January-June of 2018, according to preliminary data, the volume of rendered market services in Uzbekistan was equal to 66562.9 billion sums. The growth rate compared with the same period last year amounted to 107.6%. In the total volume of rendered market services, the largest volume is accounted for transport services (20132.9 billion sums). 

Along with this, the volumes of trade services (18321.5 billion sums), financial services (9298.1 billion sums), communication services and informatization (4535.1 billion sums) has increased. 

According to the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics, at present, 203.700 organizations and enterprises are involved in the service sector. The share of organizations and services in the total number of organizations and enterprises was 66.5%.

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