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06.09.2018 22:15

Scientists from Egypt visit ancient Bukhara

Scientists from Egypt visit ancient Bukhara
A group of scientists from the Arab Republic of Egypt visited Bukhara on September 5-6.

The delegation consisting of representatives of higher education institutions of Cairo visited Bakhauddin Naqshband complex in Kasri Arifon village of Kagan district and became familiar with Mir Arab madrasah.

Guests were informed about rich history of Bukhara, its role in Islamic civilization, life of this land’s great thinkers.

During the visit to Bukhara, guests became acquainted with Abu Khafs Kabir al-Bukhari masoleum, secondary special Islamic education institutions Mir Arab and Juybari Kalon, Poyi Kalon complex and other architectural monuments.

Members of the Egyptian delegation highly appreciated the activities carried out under the leadership of President of the country on preservation of cultural monuments, promotion of enlightened Islam, improvement of holy worship places.

The Egyptian delegation also visited a number of education institutions and got acquainted with created conditions, opportunities and modern developments introduced in the educational process.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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