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08.05.2018 17:52

Scientific theoretical and practical conference

Scientific theoretical and practical conference on "Issues of art and culture in the historical heritage of medieval scholars and thinkers of the East" was held at the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan.

Scientists and thinkers, living in the middle ages in the territory of Uzbekistan, have made a huge contribution to the world civilization, the development of science. Over the centuries, high spirituality, human qualities of our people developed based on wise sayings of thinkers of the East.

At the conference, the urgency of studying the thoughts of ancient scientists about art, culture, music, fine arts, and architecture was noted. As it was emphasized, their works gave a strong impetus to the development of world science and culture.

The work of the conference continued in sections. Reports on the influence of scientific ideas of thinkers of the East on development of national and world music, the role of medieval scientists' works for understanding the development process of theatrical art, issues of preservation and development of intangible cultural heritage in Uzbekistan, views of scientists on development of art and culture were heard.

At the conference, the results achieved by researchers studying the scientific views of scholars and thinkers of the medieval East were analyzed, important areas of systematic study of their rich cultural heritage were identified.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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