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18.08.2017 17:28

Round-table conversation on issues of ecology and environmental protection

The Tashkent city department of the Uzbekistan ecological movement in partnership with the Tashkent city ecology and environmental protection directorate arranged a round-table conversation on the implementation of state environmental protection programmes in localities.

The round-table conversation was attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Olily Majlis (parliament), employees of the Tashkent city department of the independent institute for monitoring civil society formation, employees of the state public health and environmental health monitoring centre, representatives of production enterprises and public environmental monitoring inspectors.

It was said that in this country, special attention was paid to stepping up partnership among civil society institutions, public organizations and government departments in environmental protection and public health care.

The President’s speech at a videoconferencing session on 12 July this year with representatives of the chambers of Oliy Majlis, political parties and ecologists was about outstanding issues in the ecology sphere.

The provision of clean drinking water for people, especially those in rural areas, and the gathering and processing of refuse are topical issues. A number of tasks were set for workers of this sphere.

During the round-table conversation, opinions were expressed on the implementation of these tasks.

Information was given to participants about laws on ecology and environmental protection and state programmes relating to this sphere. Specifically, proposals by deputies on making amendments and addenda to the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on forest and participants’ suggestions were heard.

As noted during the round-table conversation, the purpose of this law is to restore and protect forests and to regulate relations relating to the rational use of forests.

There was also an exchange of views on raising the ecological culture of the population and strengthening the public’s participation in environmental protection work.

Mohigul Qosimova, UzA
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