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04.08.2017 10:48

Rising quality of medical services

Rising quality of medical services In Farghona Region, specific work is being carried out to further strengthen the material-technical base of primary medical help -public health establishments and to raise the quality and effectiveness of medical services.

In the past period of this year, rural medical stations in the region were optimized, and 88 village family polyclinics were established. 37 emergency medical aid stations were set up, and modern motor vehicles were provided for them.

Special attention being paid to strengthening the health of the population, to bringing up a generation that is healthy and well in every respect and to creating modern conditions for people’s prosperity is of important significance to people’s contentment with life and their looking to tomorrow with greater confidence.

In the town of Marghilon too, specific measures have been mapped out to further improve the quality of medical services, and the implementation of all these measures is being ensured. People are satisfied with services provided at the town’s multi-functional central polyclinic, its central hospital, children’s hospital, maternity hospital and family polyclinic No 7.

“Specific measures have been worked out at our town’s medical establishments to improve the quality of medical services,” says Avazjon Ghaniyev, chief of the Marghilon town medical association.

Family polyclinic No 1 in the town provides services for more than 33 thousand people. People of such neighbourhoods as “Yovqochar”, “Yoyilma”, “Ariqboyi” and “Tuttagi” are satisfied with the quality of medical services being provided.

This polyclinic has been provided with modern medical equipment within the “Salomatlik [health] - 3” project.

“The prevention of various illnesses is the main area of our work,” says Valijon Mallaboyev, chief doctor of the polyclinic.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, photo by Muqimjon Qodirov, UzA
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