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01.06.2016 12:55:22

Results of the Republican stage of the competition “Nurse-2016” in Nukus

The Republican stage of the competition “Nurse-2016” held in Nukus. 14 nurses demonstrated their knowledge and skills.

Representatives of state and public organizations, scientists, doctors, nurses, media workers took part in the event, organized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Central Council of Public Youth Movement “Kamolot” and other respective organizations.

Currently, almost 320 thousand nurses work in the medical institutions of our country. Training seminars and awareness lectures in order to improve knowledge, skills and experience of nurses are conducted; the introduction of modern medical technologies in the work is also implemented. Based on the best practices of world medicine in our country, a system of training of nurses with higher education, which allow to ensure the health care system by qualified personnel and to improve the health care system - was introduced.

The “Nurse” contest plays an important role in the augmentation of knowledge of mid-level health workers, promotion their achievements and experiences, stimulating the initiative of nurses.

On the republican stage of the competition participants demonstrated the theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Also were tested their knowledge on reforms carried out under the leadership of the President of our country and their results.

The first place was taken by nurse of neurosurgery department of the Multidisciplinary Medical Center of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Oysara Nizomova. She was awarded with a gift of the President of our country - the car "Matiz" and a certificate for preferential admission to medical institution.

Second place went to nurse of Children's Hospital of Tashkent №5 Gulruh Gayratova, third - nurse of gynecology department of Namangan regional branch of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Care Muazzam Yuldasheva.

The winners were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.