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05.07.2018 08:37

Responsibility for working with youth

Tashkent Financial Institute hosted a workshop on “Further improvement the efficiency of working with youth and spiritual-enlightenment activities”.

In accordance with the resolution of the Head of the state “On additional measures of improving the quality of education in higher education institutions and ensuring their participation in country's large-scale reforms” of June 5, 2018, it is envisaged to introduce the position of vice-rector for youth issues instead of position of vice-rector for spiritual-educational work in higher education institutions.

The workshop was attended by candidates for the position of vice-rector for youth issues and deputy deans in this area.

Main goals of new position establishment, essence and significance of the resolution, forthcoming activity, today’s requirements and tasks for the future were analyzed.

The main purpose of this event is to provide training for 2018/2019 academic year, improve the efficiency of activities of deputy deans on working with youth and mentors of academic groups.

Detailed information on these issues were provided at the workshop.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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