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06.05.2017 17:41

Respect for veterans

Respect for veterans A moral enlightenment event devoted to Day of Remembrance and Honour has been held in the capital city’s Yunusobod district.

This event was arranged by the district’s hokimiyat (governorate) in cooperation with the district departments of the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation and the Nuroniy (veteran) foundation and the Kamolot public youth movement.

The event was attended by participants in World War Two and labour front veterans, elders and family members of military servicemen and law enforcement officers who had fallen in line of duty.

The hokim (governor) of Yunusobod district, B.Abdusamatov; the chairman of the Tashkent city department of the Nuroniy foundation, R.Kalomov; and others have said that in this country there is ever more respect for human honour and dignity.

Specifically, care and attention being shown to elders makes life more meaningful for them.

Large scale work is being carried out to raise the living standards of elders in this country, to improve quality of life, social security and pension provision for them and to form a modern system of state services provision for people of advanced age.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s decree dated 28 December 2016 “On measures to improve the work of the Nuroniy foundation for social support provision for veterans in Uzbekistan” is a bright example of such actions.

“Peace is a priceless blessing. Where peace reigns there are prosperity and happiness,” says Nuriddin Tursunov, a participant in World War Two.

Memorable gifts were given to war and labour veterans. Artistes performed melodies and songs.

Mohigul Qosimova, photo by Otabek Mirsoatov, UzA
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