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Religious tolerance – factor of national consensus

Religious tolerance – factor of national consensus
Samarkand hosted a roundtable discussion on “Interfaith dialogue – an important factor in ensuring peace and consensus in society”.

The event, with participation of the U.S. delegation in Uzbekistan, was also attended by religious scholars of the country, representatives of national cultural centers and religious denominations of Samarkand region.

Participants of the meeting emphasized that serious reforms are being carried out in Uzbekistan in religious freedoms, freedom of religious belief is ensured, measures are being taken to strengthen inter-religious stability and religious tolerance.

American guests also visited Imam Bukhari International Research Center, got acquainted with activities of the museum created at the complex. They were provided with detailed information about ongoing activities on the study of the heritage of the great thinkers.

Participants of the event also visited other historical and cultural monuments of Samarkand.

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G. Khasanov, UzA