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20.07.2018 12:40

Qualitative and affordable medicines

Qualitative and affordable medicines
The Ministry of Health and Agency for Development of Pharmaceutical Industry held a press conference on implementation of measures for providing the population with affordable and qualitative medicines, at the National Press Center of Uzbekistan.

As it was reported, in 2018, medical organizations allocated 914.6 billion sums for purchasing medicines. Taking into account international practice, a new schedule for diagnosis and treatment of major diseases has also been approved.

The organization of free economic zones, specialized in pharmaceutical industry, is becoming an important factor in determining future development of the sphere. Now, Nukus-pharm, Zomin-pharm, Kosonsoy-pharm, Sirdarya-pharm, Boysun-pharm, Bustonlyk-pharm and Parkent-pharm free economic zones are registered. In order to implement projects in these areas specialized in cultivation of medicinal plants, production of pharmaceutical products, 518.9 hectares of land was selected, and relevant decisions of regional khokims were taken.

30 projects worth 1361.1 billion sums will be implemented on the territory of these free economic zones. Social pharmacies are being organized for drug delivery at rural health centers, rural family polyclinics and other primary medical institutions. Currently, activities of more than 2200 pharmacies have been established at places.

Mukhayyo Toshkorayeva, UzA
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