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06.10.2017 09:19

Press conference held on the subject of “The prevention of law violations. Cooperation towards ensuring law and order”

At the national press centre, the Uzbekistan Internal Affairs Ministry’s main directorate for the prevention of law violations has held a press conference on the subject of “The prevention of law violations. Cooperation towards ensuring law and order”.

The press conference was attended by representatives of the Health Ministry, the Higher and Secondary Special Education Ministry, the Public Education Ministry and the Employment and Labour Relations Ministry as well as those from the Uzbekistan youth union and the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation.

A.Ikromov, the chief of the main directorate for the prevention of law violations, and others have said that the preservation of peace and law and order in this country, the prevention of offences and law violations and the protection of people’s legitimate interests, rights and liberties are among priority tasks. Preventive measures being conducted serve these purposes.

Today work being done by interior bodies in cooperation with relevant organizations to prevent law violations, to combat offences, to maintain public order and to protect people’s rights is producing results.

In the past period of time, such practices were initiated as visiting households to study the moral-social atmosphere there, monitoring students’ attendance at educational establishments and examining domestic disagreements at itinerant court sessions. As a result of measures that were taken, it was possible to achieve a 11 per cent decrease in the number of offences, compared with the same period of last year.

So far, disagreements and problems in more than 5 million households were studied and solved. In this process, more than 284 thousand law violations were detected, and measures were taken in accordance with the law. As a result of work carried out by preventive inspectors and representatives of the public to ensure law and order, offences were prevented in more than 1 thousand 500 neighbourhoods. More than 3 thousand 400 households and trading outlets were connected to sites providing protection. 849 people who had been on the search list were detained.

As was noted at the conference, special attention is being paid to making sure that youths are not left unsupervised and to increasing parents’ responsibility for this. In cooperation with neighbourhood chairmen, preventive inspectors in every neighbourhood start their daily service routine with strict checks on students’ attendance at educational establishments.

During the event, answers were given to questions that were of interest to journalists.

Nurillo Nasriyev, UzA
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