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02.06.2016 10:16:35

Population satisfied with medical examinations

A health week arranged at the initiative of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the slogan “May nobody be left without love and attention” is continuing at a high level in the Republic of Qoraqalpogiston too.

Today qualified medics are providing services for people at 37 hospitals and 188 rural medical establishments in the Republic of Qoraqalpogiston.

“During the health week as part of the Year of Maternal and Child Health state programme, specialists who came from the capital city, including cardiologists, general practitioners, ophthalmologists, dentists, neurologists and trauma surgeons, fist of all are carrying out medical examinations of children, women of fertile age and old-age disabled people,” says the chairwoman of the department for work with mass media of the Qoraqalpogiston branch of the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics, Tamara Ganiyeva.

Doctors at the multi-function polyclinics at the Nukus town medical association also pay special attention to improving maternal and child health and to raising the quality and effectiveness of medial services.

As part of these medical examinations, qualified specialists, experienced doctors visited neighbourhoods and met people with limited possibilities and old people, and they also conducted explanatory conversations so that a healthy lifestyle takes hold in families and that people’s medial culture improves.