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Population mines gold

Population mines gold
Gold mining in Zarafshan and Uchkuduk districts is carried out industrially.

After geological research and excavations, experts of the industry discovered gold reserves on the slope of Koratog mountain systems in Nurata district. However, it was estimated that the gold particles are located at a depth of 15-20 meters, and industrial mining does not justify itself. Moreover, people of Kyzylcha village, located near the mountains, began mining gold, which is legalized in accordance with a number of resolutions.

– Our village is located on the slope of Koratog Mountains, – says Salom Bakhriyev. – Many of us are unemployed, so we have much time to extract gold from the rock. We find stones of different sizes at a depth of up to 15 meters, grind them, rinse, and select gold in a special way.

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Sayyora Shoyeva, UzA