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10.03.2017 09:51

People’s requirements and wishes being studied

Members of the Senate and deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan are familiarizing themselves with reforms being carried out in Quva District of Farghona Region and with the living conditions of its population.

The declaration of 2017 as the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests at the proposal of the country’s President widens the scale of work in this area.

Today an open and effective mechanism for dialogue with the people is being introduced in the country, and issues of concern to the people are being studied deeply and are being resolved.

Deputies and senators elected from the regions to Oliy Majlis’s chambers visit districts for 10-12 days every month and hold conversations with locals. This gives positive results. In such conversations, special attention is paid to issues of the development of economic infrastructure and entrepreneurship in localities, ensuring effective work organization at financial-credit establishments, raising the quality of work of commercial and services facilities and ensuring employment. Legislators’ close familiarization with the pace of reforms in the regions and progress with the implementation of laws and other regulatory acts that have been adopted are of important significance to identifying future tasks while taking into account the population’s requirements and proposals.

In Quva District, too, work is being carried out to raise its economic potential and to study and resolve problems that people come across in their daily lives and to create decent living conditions for them.

So far, working group members have studied issues of more than 2,000 families. Problems were identified in such areas as the housing and utilities sphere, the provision of employment and medical services. 283 of these have been resolved with help from responsible organizations and the district’s hokimiyat (governorate).

“Such conversations are of great significance to the socio-economic development of the regions and the resolution of issues that are of concern to people. In Quva District, too, there are unresolved issues in such areas as education, medicine, employment and the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere. Together with relevant officials, we are working out specific measures to find solutions to these issues. Results of dialogues with people will be discussed with the participation of deputies of the district council of people’s deputies,” says a deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, Mavluda Khojayeva.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, UzA
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