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29.08.2017 19:43

Peace and stability – the chief factor of independent development

A round-table conversation has been held on this subject in the conference hall of the central council of the “Vatanparvar [patriot]” Uzbekistan defence assistance organization.

This event was arranged on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the country’s independence on the slogan “Our love and devotion to you, Uzbekistan”.

The round-table conversation was attended by deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, members of the public council at the Defence Ministry, trainees of the centre for the re-training of personnel and the upgrading of their qualifications at the central council of the “Vatanparvar” organization and mass media representatives.

During the round-table conversation, M.Umarov, deputy chairman of the central council of “Vatanparvar”; A.Hamroyev, a member of the Oliy Majlis Legislative Chamber’s committee for defence and security issues; and others talked about the essence and significance of work being carried out to improve the Armed Force and to increase their potential and about changes in this area. They said that the country’s armed forces reliably guaranteed the state’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

“In ensuring the country’s peace, our compatriots’ safeguarding of friendship, inter-ethnic accord and harmony and their constant vigilance are important factors. These factors are being further strengthened by achievements being made in such spheres as sport, culture, art and education and conditions being created for young people in the country. During the round-table conversation, we exchanged views on this, too,” says M./.Hayitova, an official of the central council of the “Vatanparvar” Uzbekistan defence assistance organization.

Malohat Husanova, UzA
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