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11.07.2018 15:02

Opportunities for Uzbekistan's youth abroad

A Memorandum was signed between the State Inspection for supervision of quality of education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the World Youth Association of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan’s youth are studying in foreign countries. Some of them are continuing their work abroad, improving their skills and gaining experience to become useful to their Motherland in the future.

The World Youth Association of Uzbekistan is organized to work with youth – citizens of Uzbekistan, who are studying and working in foreign countries, protect their rights and interests.

The State Inspection for supervision of quality of education implements such tasks as quality control of educational processes, personnel training, improvement of their qualification, analysis of compliance of schoolchildren’s, students’ and listeners’ knowledge to requirements and criteria of state educational standards, determination of educational institutions’ rating.

This Memorandum, signed between organizations with organically interrelated activities, will open a wide road for comprehensive support of Uzbekistan’s youth, who are studying and working abroad, solving problems encountered in their life, particularly, in the process of education, their regular awareness of reforms implemented in Uzbekistan, conducting regular cooperation with them.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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