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Official Statement: Eight patients’ state is serious

Head of the State Inspection of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance under the Cabinet of Ministers, Chief State Sanitary Inspector of the Republic of Uzbekistan Nurmat Otabekov:

– 2652 cases of coronavirus infected have been registered in the country. According to the Ministry of Health, 60 people were fully cured yesterday and sent to rehabilitation centers. 2136 (80 percent) people have fully recovered to date. Recovery rate from this disease is slightly higher than 37 percent in the world. While Uzbekistan doctors are achieving positive results. 8 patients’ condition out of 505 being treated in clinics, is assessed as serious.

Quarantine measures continue. More than 46 thousand citizens are quarantined. More than 14,700 laboratory tests were conducted yesterday, and in total - 460 thousand.

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