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Official Statement: Coronavirus detected among the population

Head of the State Inspection of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance under the Cabinet of Ministers, Chief State Sanitary Inspector of the country Nurmat Otabekov notes:

– The number of coronavirus infected in Uzbekistan has reached 3006 people. Yesterday, 35 patients have fully recovered, and in total 2407 (80 percent).

According to the Ministry of Health, 586 patients are being treated in hospitals, five patients’ condition is serious.

More than 44 thousand citizens are quarantined, including more than 18 thousand people are in stationary conditions. More than 12 thousand laboratory tests were conducted on May 21.

Quarantine measures continue. It should be noted that 28 cases out of 39 registered yesterday, were detected among the population. 15 people were identified in Navoi and 13 in Samarkand regions. Hundreds, thousands of people who communicated with them are quarantined.

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