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03.05.2019 17:25:41

No one has the right to be careless about the opportunities created by the President!

Why is the allocated six trillion soums, or more than 700 million dollars to support entrepreneurship in poor condition?

Chairman of the Senate N. Yuldoshev, addressing the plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, noted that everyone should contribute to the effectiveness of reforms on development of the country.

However, studies show the lack of determination and dedication.

– You are all aware of the details of yesterday’s meeting devoted to the analysis of implementation of the program “Every family entrepreneur”, chaired by the President, – says the Chairman of the Senate N. Yuldoshev. – The Head of the state criticized the unsatisfactory execution, the process of utilization of more than six trillion soums, or 700 million dollars, allocated this year to support entrepreneurial initiatives, is going unsatisfactorily or is completely neglected.

Indeed, such irresponsibility, committed by responsible persons, means squandering the opportunities created by the President of the country.

How else to explain this sluggishness in utilization of these funds allocated for development of entrepreneurship, at a time when some countries are looking for money to save their people from poverty, various diseases and other adversities?!