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11.07.2018 21:23

New terminal of Nukus International Airport

New terminal of Nukus International Airport
A new terminal with a capacity of 400 passengers per hour has been launched at Nukus International Airport. 

The terminal is equipped with modern technology, which allows to serve passengers at the level of international standards. 

Modern engineering and technological equipment has been installed in the new building for ensuring a high level aviation security. The sites for control and reception of cargo have been enlarged, the number of registration racks has been increased. There are passenger halls of local and international directions, mother and child room, medical center, currency exchange office, souvenir shops, prayer room, cafe-bar in the terminal.
New terminal of Nukus International Airport

With the launch of the terminal, a tourist office has been opened at the airport. Here services are provided to foreign guests. 

The design of the new terminal is developed taking into account the local climate, national features. Harmony of new technologies, security and amenities are achieved. There are green and red corridors in the international terminal. This improves the quality of services provided to passengers and helps attract tourists, foreign airlines and opening new destinations.

New terminal of Nukus International Airport

Nukus International Airport is included in the list of airports operating on the principle of open skies for increasing the flow of foreign tourists, developing domestic tourism, improving the quality of tourist services. Today, Nukus International Airport has the ability to receive aircraft and helicopters of various modifications. The length of the runway is 3 thousand meters, width is 45 meters. Modern lighting, signal and air navigation equipment meeting international standards has been installed. 

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan O.Ramatov addressed the event. 

Y.Kanoatov, UzA
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