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14.06.2017 20:50

New roads in Jizzakh

In Forish District of Jizzakh Region, special attention is paid to repairing internal roads.

A Presidential decree dated 14 February 2017 “On measures to further improve the road management system” is an important programme document in this area.

Over the past period of this year, more than 6 km of internal roads in villages of the district were repaired. When repairing rural roads, the district’s road repair enterprise carried out 311 million soms worth of work.

Drivers had difficulty travelling over a part of the Jizzakh – Yangiqishloq – Qizilcha road that runs through the village of Forish. In the first quarter of this year, this 3.6 km road section was levelled.

Repair work has also been carried out in the district centre – the Bogdon settlement. More than 1 km of a road has been repaired in the settlement’s area.

There are 446 km of roads of local significance in the district. Village roads built 25-30 years ago are not good enough for motor vehicles to travel over normally.

In recent years, the state paid special attention to the reconstruction and repairing of internal roads. Thanks to this, big conveniences are being created for the village population. For this kind of work, not only funds from the republican road budget but also from the local budget are allocated, and sponsors also provide some funds.

“Our workers repair mainly internal roads, When doing repair work, we pay special attention to the quality of the work. We have yet to repair the Jizzakh – Forish, Bogdon – Qoraobdol and Bogdon – Narvon roads and also roads in the villages Yotoq, Deriston, Nurak and Safarota,” says F.Hakimov, manager of a road repair enterprise of the Forish District road management system.

The state pays special attention to reconstructing and repairing roads in mountainous areas, which creates conveniences for the local population.

Toshqul Beknazarov, UzA
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