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07.06.2017 20:46

New apartment houses in “Yoshlik” neighbourhood

New apartment houses in “Yoshlik” neighbourhood Under the leadership of the President, special attention is being paid to providing support for the population, especially young families, and to improving their living conditions.

For the purpose of providing practical help primarily for young families to own homes, a system of preferential mortgage loans has been created. Income tax privileges have been provided for members of young families obtaining mortgage loans to build or reconstruct houses on their own and to buy homes.

Two multi-storey apartment houses have been built in the “Yoshlik” neighbourhood in Karmana District of Navoiy Region. These apartment houses conform to modern standards of architecture. Most of those who have moved into the 125 apartments of these houses are young families.

Every one of them likes these houses built by the Bunyodkor Zamondosh LLC.

Improvement work has been done in areas around these apartment buildings. There are decorative trees there, which is pleasing to the eye. Especially, a playground there has been a unique gift for children.

“Soon we will put into use here another multi-storey building that contains 60 apartments. That will be a wonderful holiday gift for our compatriots on the eve of the 26th anniversary of our country’s independence,” says the founder of the Bunyodkor Zamondosh LLC, Istam Holiqov.

Photo by Siroj Aslonov, UzA
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