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12.12.2017 23:06

New apartment house for young people in Karshi town

New apartment house for young people in Karshi town In the town of Karshi of Kashkadarya Region, seven five-storey apartment houses consisting of 315 apartments and “Young people’s apartment house” consisting of 64 apartments have been put into use.

All the necessary conditions have been created in these apartment houses built in the “Roguzar” neighbourhood. There are also playgrounds with various rides for children.



“Words cannot describe our joy. I work at a hospital. My spouse is a driver. We have two children. We dreamt for a long time of purchasing a home, but this home is beyond our wildest dreams. This three-room apartment has all the conditions for our family’s happy living,” says the owner of one apartment there, Zarifa Eshmurodova.



These houses were provided with heating systems, hot water and cold water, natural gas and electricity supplies. Their rooms are spacious and bright.

This kind of noble work will expand significantly in the near future. Specifically, in the year 2018, 14 multi-storey apartment houses will be built for 630 families in Karshi.

Ulmas Barotov, photo by Jamshid Norkobilov, UzA
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