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04.05.2017 20:18

Neighbourhoods’ role in preventing offences

A republican seminar entitled “The role of the mahalla (neighbourhood) institution in raising law culture in society and in preventing offences” has taken place in Andijon.

The event was arranged by the Mahalla public charity foundation, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Secondary Special and Higher Education, the Ministry of Public Education, the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, the Kamolot public youth movement and the Morality Centre.

This seminar was attended by officials of ministries and departments, the deputy chairmen of the Andijon, Farghona and Namangan regional councils for coordinating the work of citizens’ self-governing bodies, the chairmen of neighbourhood citizens gatherings, advisers for issues of religious enlightenment and spiritual-moral education, preventive inspectors, representatives of state and public organizations and journalists.

It was said that under the leadership of the President of the country large-scale work was being carried out to ensure human interests and to raise the effectiveness of preventive measures for public order and security.

“The goal of the event is to intensify the direct participation of neighbourhoods and to raise their role in ensuring public order and security, in preventing offences and in strengthening citizens’ feeling of respect for the law. There was also an exchange of opinions on improving the work in this area on the basis of advanced experience,” says the first deputy chairman of the Andijon Regional council for coordinating the work of citizens’ self-governing bodies, Qodirjon Rizayev.

During the seminar, speeches were heard on the subjects of “The significance of the cooperation of the council of neighbourhood citizens gatherings with preventive inspectors and state and public organizations in strengthening public control in neighbourhoods” , “Preventive inspectors’ role in ensuring the supremacy of law among the population and in raising their law culture and also in preventing offences”, “The ensuring of family unity is an important factor in a stable moral environment” and “The significance of informational explanatory work in raising the law culture of parents in bringing up their children”.

The participants in the seminar familiarized themselves with the work of the “Fayzobod” neighbourhood citizens gathering in Asaka District. They were very much interested in conditions created in the building of the neighbourhood gathering’s administration, experience of work with citizens and especially the results of cooperation with preventive inspectors.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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