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08.02.2017 21:33

Neighbourhood is our pride

Neighbourhood is our pride In Uzbekistan, special attention is paid to the upbringing and harmonious development of the younger generation, to the provision of support for young people’s aspirations and initiatives and to the creation of broad conditions for the realization of their talent and potential.

A contest entitled “The neighbourhood in my destiny” also serves these purposes. This contest is conducted by the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation, the Ministry of Public Education, the Ministry for Culture and Sport, the Nuroniy (veteran) foundation and the Kamolot public youth movement.

In the Surkhondaryo Regional stage of the contest, 14 teams participated. As part of the first condition, the teams gave presentations about the significance of close cooperation among families, the neighbourhood and educational establishments. Then the participants in the contest answered questions about ways of strengthening this cooperation and about norm-setting acts regulating it. After that, they wrote essays on the subject of “The neighbourhood in my destiny”.

“In this three-phase contest, 9th grade students of general education schools and students of academic lyceums and vocational colleges take part. In the qualifying stages, more than 2760 young men and girls as members of 691 teams displayed their knowledge and ability,” says Z.Omonova, chief specialist of the regional department of the Mahalla public charity foundation.

The “Dostlik (friendship)” team of the “Dostlik” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering in Termiz District achieved first place in the regional stage and are through to the republican stage of the contest. The “Tomaris” team of the “Yangiobod” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering in Termiz District and the “Yosh avlod (younger generation)” team of the “Namuna (exemplary conduct)” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering in Jarqorghon District took second place and third place respectively.

As part of the contest, an exhibition of items of craftsmanship by young people took place.

Holmumin Mamatrayimov, photo by Farhod Abdurasulov, UzA
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