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26.09.2017 18:04

National army – shield of peace

As a result of large-scale reforms being implemented in this country’s defence system, the Armed Forces’ material provision and moral development systems have been modernized. The country’s national army has become efficient and has been provided with modern weapons and military hardware. Although not large in numbers, the army can meet modern era requirements. Special attention is being paid to enhancing the national army’s combat capability, raising the professional qualifications of military servicemen and providing comprehensive support for them.

This is especially emphasized during military patriotism events being held in towns and districts of Farghona Region on the slogan of “Motherland’s defence – a sacred duty”.

Such an event has taken place in the town of Farghona. During the event, military servicemen displayed their abilities. Strong and handsome lads sang songs about the Motherland, peace and friendship as they marched.

“I find this event to be impressive, especially their military exercises and handling of firearms,” says a student of academic lyceum No 3 under Farghona’s state university, Otabek Sobirov.

Also at the event, members of clubs under the “Vatanparvar [patriot]” defence assistance organization displayed their work.

At the conclusion of the event, its participants closely familiarized themselves with exhibitions arranged by military units. They also partook of food provided by a mobile cooking facility.

There was also a concert by artistes.

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