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12.01.2018 20:34

My friend is a defender of the Motherland

On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and 14 January – Motherland Defenders’ Day, an event entitled “My friend is a defender of the Motherland” has taken place in Karshi, Kashkadarya region.

It was attended by soldiers doing fixed-term military service in Kashkadarya and Tashkent regions, their close relatives and friends.

The event was held in the form of dialogue. It was said at the event that this country’s modern national army reliably ensures stability and security, the inviolability of its borders and its people’s peace.

Soldiers doing fixed-term military service spoke about their lifestyle and conditions created for them to acquire modern military knowledge and ability. They held conversations with their close relatives and friends.

“Today I held a conversation with my former classmate and friend Batyr Hamrayev, who is doing fixed-term military service in Tashkent region. I am also gathering documents for doing military service. Like my friend, I also want to serve in the army and perform my duty before the Motherland,” says Akbar Tuychiev from Karshi district.

A concert was given during the event which was held on the slogan “The national army – a school of bravery and courage”.

Olmas Barotov, UzA
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