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13.12.2017 12:17

Most exemplary families identified

Most exemplary families identified The republican phase of this year's "the most exemplary family" contest has taken place at the Uzbek national academic drama theatre.

During this contest, special attention was paid to the propagation of the experience of exemplary families, their role in society, family relations, unity and national traditions.

The contest was arranged by the women's committee, the trade unions federation, the Mahalla public charity foundation and the Nuroniy (veteran) foundation.

14 families who had achieved victory in the regional phases of the contest took part in the republican phase.

The first deputy chairperson of the women's committee, G.Marufova, and others said that reforms directed towards the further strengthening of the family institution, the provision of comprehensive support for families and the elevation of their role in the development of society serve as an important factor in ensuring unity and children's bright future.

"In Uzbekistan, the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic was celebrated broadly. Article 63 of the Constitution says that family is the main unit of society and has the right for protection by the state and society. The essence and significance of today's contest are in the strengthening of these values on the basis of the experience of exemplary families," says D.Kuziyeva, chief specialist of the women's committee.

The contest's participants competed in such areas as "introduction", "book lovers families" and "family unity - the country's tranquility".

According to the contest's results, Sadiyevs' family from Bukhara region achieved victory. Kodirovs' family from Tashkent took second place, and Rajabovs' family from Samarqand region took third place.

Nasiba Ziyodulayeva, photo by Atabek Mirsaatov, UzA
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