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08.08.2017 21:34

Modern youth centre put into use in Urgench

Modern youth centre put into use in Urgench A modern youth centre has been put into use in Urgench, Khorazm Region. In an event held on this occasion, the chairmen of the central and regional councils of the Uzbekistan youth union, representatives of state and public organizations, labour veterans and young people participated.

It was especially emphasized that in this country, constant support is provided for the younger generation as an active stratum that has initiative and that modern conditions are being created for their harmonious development.

This youth centre was built in the Amir Temur park of recreation. All the necessary conditions have been created here for young people to spend their leisure time meaningfully. There are more than 10 clubs functioning there such as “Young seamstresses”, “Young artists”, “Young chess players” and “Young creative workers”. There is also a conference hall fitted out with modern equipment.

“This youth centre serves for young people not only to spend their leisure time meaningfully but also to learn professions that they are interested in and to engage in sports. And their feelings of love for the Motherland and devotion to ideas of national sovereignty will be strengthened further. In our region, representatives of the younger generation are actively participating in various socio-economic areas such as production, entrepreneurship, science and culture, and they are getting education at modern buildings,” says M.Masharipov, the chairman of the Khorazm regional council of the Uzbekistan youth union.

In Urgench town’s “Yoshlik [youth]” residential area, a multi-storey building consisting of 32 apartments was commissioned.

“This is a doubly joyous occasion for our family. We came to this new home of ours straight from maternity hospital,” says Latofat Yusupova who recently gave birth to her first child.

Ahmadjon Shokirov, photo by Shonazar Qoriyev, UzA
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